November 11, 2013

Getting the Word out about your Book

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I started this blog about my first book, Dance of Victory. It was easy and fun at first due to my excitement of being new published author!

As time past, coming up with interesting posts became harder and harder. Finally, the blogging stopped to focus on my home business, which will be written about later.

I ran across This site offers many ways to network with other authors and advertize your book. Hope to meet you there!

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March 23, 2011

A Book Report on Dance of Victory

Author: Sandy Morgan - Categories: book, cerebral palsy, life

I wish to share this book report written by a friend’s granddaughter. I was very touched by her decision to read Dance of Victory.  She is 13!

Specific questions had to be covered.


Sandy Morgan is well known because of the amazing things she’s accomplished in her life so far while having a disability called cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy are neurological disorders that permanently  affect body movement and muscle coordination. Even with this disability Sandy was able to accomplish great things and make wonderful changes in the world.


One morning when Sandy was young, she taught her baby brother, Rick, to climb out of his crib by himself. When he woke up he wanted to get out of his crib but, at first,  Sandy didn’t think she could help him with that. Then she thought she could. By giving Rick specific directions as to how to get out of his crib and believing in him and herself he climbed out all by himself.


I learned she did a lot of traveling in her life. Sandy (& Rod) had a 2 acre lot on Lake Vermillion and they spent a weekend there. She  was very active in politics  and she supported Paul Wellstone when he ran for senate. I also learned that when Sandy believes in something, she will not give up.


The thing that  surprised me most about Sandy is how passionate about  the things she believes in. When she believes in something she will not give up. Her attitude is always positive and she always tries to look at the better side of things no matter what.


Three people who influenced Sandy’s life are Kody Bateman because he is the founder and CEO of Send Out Cards.  He mainly showed her that she could accomplish things she didn’t know she could do like dancing for example Another person is Peter Anderson (my nephew). Peter Anderson was born with Trisomy 13. He only lived   a few months after he was born so Sandy felt blessed to know him. Paul Wellstone ran for senate and Sandy supported him.


There were many obstacles that Sandy  came across throughout this book. One, for example, is her disability in general  and all the challenges she faced because of it.


The top three things Sandy Morgan accomplished are completing college, being employed in rewarding jobs, and getting married.  Those are three things Sandy thought she would not accomplish in her lifetime but she worked and tried to the best of her abilities and she has accomplished three o her life-long dreams.


Yes, I definitely look up to  Sandy because she has accomplished so many amazing things already and she still has time to make more changes in the world.


Inspirational. Sandy is an inspiration to the millions of people living with disabilities. She was able to get improved transportation options for all in 1983. Intelligent. Sandy completed college and she was an intern teacher’s aide for grade school. Persistent. She was  persistent in everything she believed in such as fighting for the rights of those with disabilities. Independent. Even with disabilities she was able to live in a dorm with other students in college. Determined. She was  determined too try to control her muscles when  she danced with Kody Bateman. I am proud to personally know Sandy Morgan and she inspires me to overcome any obstacles I may run into in my life.

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April 15, 2010

The Forward to Dance of Victory” by Bob and Rita Beard

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There she was at her first meeting of an all male Lions Club! She joined with twelve other ladies when our local Lioness club disbanded in 1992. This event changed our Club in a very positive way-we not only had ladies, but one who was “trapped” in a wheel chair and could not speak so anyone could understand her. We had to learn to accept someone totally different from any of the rest of us.

This story will captivate you just as Sandy captivated our Lions Club. We all had to learn to look her in the eye and communicate through interpreting sounds. We even had to learn not to pat her on the back as she taught us that she is a real person – a real spirit – living trapped in a box with no way to get out except through others.

Sandy’s story is one we all lived as she participated in life to the fullest. Sometimes she put us to shame as we complained having to work in the rain, or on a very hot day in the sun. She was always there to SERVE in any way she could considering her physical limitations.

One event stands out in our minds. Bob decided to run for Vice Governor of our Lions District. At a meeting he announced he was resigning as Secretary of our club after ten years of service and there needed to be a replacement. Of course, everyone present looked at the floor so they wouldn’t have to feel guilty refusing the position.

Two days after the meeting Bob received an email from Sandy saying, “I am willing to be Secretary, as I have been secretary of other clubs. I don’t think the other members would approve, but I’m willing to do it.” He responded that he would be pleased to have her as Secretary, but needed her to tell how she would handle all aspects of the position. A long epistle appeared on Bob’s computer explaining in detail what she could do and what she couldn’t do, but had a plan for the “Couldn’t do” part.

Bob responded with joy. A new challenge for the Club. He got permission to pass her letter on to the membership. She was accepted as Secretary and held that position for several years. There were members in the club who were able to interpret her speech as time went on because of her tolerance and patience with us.

Rita remembers the many Lion’s Zone Meetings, training sessions, and conventions that Sandy attended. In spite of some barriers in facilities she always had that charming smile and great laugh to share.  We even had the privilege of seeing her enjoying a dance with a member of the performing band at a convention.
Sandy’s story will have a profound influence on you as you read her story. Maybe, just maybe, it will change the way we look at those who are significantly different from the rest of us.

Enjoy the ride to the dance!
Former District Governor Bob and Rita Beard
Lions Club 5M9

After a few years of Serving behind the scenes, I’ have been nominated for First Vice President.


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April 11, 2010

2009 Just Slipped By, I See!

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My last entry in this blog was in 2008. Shame on me!  No, I wasn’t ill, wasn’t off on some wild safari or anything (although that does sound fun!). What I did do was start over with my book, Dance Of Victory. Not out of boredom, mind you. It just wasn’t right.  If you’re an author, you know what  I mean.

I already have a couple reviews from a few I trusted with my  draft (s):

“This is a wonderful story about an exceptional woman. Sandy is upbeat and optimistic and her success in meeting and overcoming life’s challenges is heartwarming and inspiring.”

Sherry Brown

Past President of Iowa PTA


Trust. Sandy Morgan is a woman that learned to trust at her core and enjoys the peace it brings.   With unwavering determination, a spirited sense of humor, and a good measure of independent thinking,  she invites us to join her personal journey from the vulnerable depths of human interdependence into a life of giving that only trust can bring.  Sandy speaks an unwritten challenge for each of us to decide to celebrate the moment and find our own Dance of Victory.

— Joyce Nelson,
In Tandem Venture,
Relationship Marketing
and Team Building

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November 15, 2008

Yes, We Can!

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November 4, 2008–Election Day!  Glued to CNN, I watched, with my husband, the results come in as many of you did. As the evening went on, I became more confident of my decision 18 months ago to support Barak Obama as my new President!

He Won! I cried!  I fought back tears as he gave his Victory speech (although it was more a speech of Gratitude and an invitation for us all to unite as Americans to bring about change). I wanted to see the genuine hope in people’s eyes as Obama talked of the future. He talked of working together to bring America back to being a strong and caring Nation, giving its citizens the power and the responsibility to help make that happen.  I saw that hope!

I began visualizing. My visualizing that Obama would become our next President is similar to visualization of my own life. Readers of this blog know I have Cerebral Palsy. Yet I have strived to overcome the barriers, misconceptions and the attitudes  of the times!

Time has  been good to me. Born in the late 40’s, my folks were told I’d be a vegetable who would never sit up. Soon my parents realized this as not so an began to work with me. As far back as I can remember,  I visualized success in whatever I wanted to do.  That’s the true blessing of going through childhood. One can dream and act out their future with no limitations.

I saw myself as attending high school, college, being employed and being married. I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished each goal!  Was it easy, no! Those limitations that a kid never sees–well they started appearing the older I got.  However, my desire and determination outweighed  the negative feedback from those who only saw my wheelchair and heard my distorted speech.

I mentioned that time was on my side, too, as were my parents. Living in a small Northern Minnesota town, accessible and special facilities for people with disabilities just didn’t  exist.  When the time came to start school , the powers at be said I couldn’t attend school. The options were a boarding school or a public school in the big city of Minneapolis. My parents packed up everything, lef family and job to move too the Big City!

As  I was about to finish Michael Dowling grade school, originally built for those strickened by polio, mainstreaming was introduced as a way to integrate kids with disabilities into regular schools. What it meant to me was that I could attend regular high school, which had both Junior and Senior High combined. Despite the fact that I had the intelligence, many predicted I would flunk out the first quarter.  Seven years later, I graduaated 7th in my class of 200 from Marshall-University High School and was on my way to Southwest MN State College (SMSC)!

Why 7 years? Again, advisors and teachers thought it best that I take a light load. Actually, I was scheduled to go 8 years. I was bored to death after 5 years, so  pleaded to adjust the number of classes so I could finish in 1969  instead of 1970.

SMSC was the first barrier free  college ever, in its 3rd year when I started. History was made again, as I became the first severely disabled student to attend  the college, built on a corn field in Marshall, Minnesota!

Not wanting to give away my entire  book in this one post, I think I’ll jump ahead a bit…but these thoughts were going through my mind listening too Preesident Elect Obama.

After reaching my goals, I began searching for future chapters in my life.  I was still relatively young and wanted to do more. Then I found this neat tool on the internet. It allowed me to send beautiful cards via my computer! I had reached a new level of independence. Learning more about the effects of sending heartfelt greeting in minutes, prompted by a thought, I found a way to give back and help others reach their dreams. has given me a future!

It is our inner self that makes us who we are. Obama found his inner self. He now wants to help each one of us to find that strength and belief that we can accomplish our goals and desires.

With the Election over, a real hope for the future ahead, we can now focus on a way to make a difference.

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October 18, 2008

Have a Party at 60 ~ An Awesome Kickoff for the Rest of Life!

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September 20th could not have been a more perfect day! Sun shining, illuminating the changing color of the leaves shimmering in the soft  breeze.  Watching my two brothers and my life-partner of 20 years, Rod, enjoying themselves preparing the yard for the day. I smiled as I thought how my mom would have loved seeing the 3 of us having fun together.

As the roasting pig sent yummy smells into the air, people started gathering into the yard.  Friends, neighbors and family congratulated me on reaching the big ‘6 0’!  Three neighbor kids kept running home and bringing back cards they a made and flowers they had pulled to make a bouquet. The third time the came back was so precious that it bought tears to my eyes.  they had broken into their piggy banks, bringing me all of their money!  A little over $3.00, it was the sweetest memory of the day!

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October 4, 2008


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Welcome to my blog to promote my upcoming book, Dance of Victory. I also hope to entertain you with life’s happenings, feelings and stories that didn’t make this book, but are still molding who I am!

Dance of Victory tells of my growing up as a person with Cerebral Palsy. Not giving in to what doctors, professionals and, at times, my parents said I’d never do, I listened to my inner self. That voice said I was a beautiful child of the Universe that could accomplish anything I desired.

Describing my life in song is definitely “I Hope You Dance” by Leann Wormack.

I invite you to please ask questions, share your opinions and stories! Interact with me!

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