September 20th could not have been a more perfect day! Sun shining, illuminating the changing color of the leaves shimmering in the soft  breeze.  Watching my two brothers and my life-partner of 20 years, Rod, enjoying themselves preparing the yard for the day. I smiled as I thought how my mom would have loved seeing the 3 of us having fun together.

As the roasting pig sent yummy smells into the air, people started gathering into the yard.  Friends, neighbors and family congratulated me on reaching the big ‘6 0’!  Three neighbor kids kept running home and bringing back cards they a made and flowers they had pulled to make a bouquet. The third time the came back was so precious that it bought tears to my eyes.  they had broken into their piggy banks, bringing me all of their money!  A little over $3.00, it was the sweetest memory of the day!

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